Voters oust Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg

By John Wimperis, Local Democracy Reporting Service

THE first MP for the new seat of North East Somerset and Hanham is Labour’s Dan Norris.

He beat the prominent Conservative Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg in the general election on July 4, gaining 20,739 votes to his rival’s 15,420, with  Reform UK in third place with 7,424 votes.

In his concession speech, Sir Jacob congratulated Mr Norris and Labour leader Keir Starmer and thanked his team and constituency staff. He ended by quoting Chitty Chitty Bang Bang inventor Caracatus Potts: “From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success.” 

In his acceptance speech, Mr Norris, who was defeated by Sir Jacob in 2010 under previous constituency boundaries, thanked supporters, adding: “I also want to thank Jacob Rees-Mogg. He has done a very good job in supporting his constituency – up until now obviously. I know exactly how that feels because Mr Rees-Mogg gave me that compliment 14 years ago and I have been able to return that.”

Mr Norris is also the West of England Metro Mayor, a major role in which his term lasts for another year. Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service on election night, he added: “It’s my intention to carry on but what I was never going to do was talk about not being the regional mayor until the electorate had a chance to decide what I was going to do as the MP because I would not be so arrogant or disrespectful to assume that.

“They have made their verdict known now. They know I am the regional mayor.

“I now have to get some sleep and then reflect on what has happened and work our how I can best serve the people of North East Somerset and Hanham and the West of England.”

In North East Somerset and Hanham, and in many areas across the country, a swing from Conservatives to Reform was a factor in the Labour win. Mr Norris said: “I think any politician who goes away — even though there’s going to be a big Labour landslide — thinking that politicians have given them a big slap on the back would be very foolish.

“Because what became clear in the campaign was the public were very kind and courteous to me but they are very disillusioned with politics and politicians as a whole. And what I take away from that is integrity and honesty are now essential requirements to reinstate in our political system.”

The Liberal Democrats, who fielded veteran local councillor and former council leader Dine Romero, came fourth with 3,878 votes. The Green Party’s Edmund Cannon was fourth, with 3,378 votes, and independent candidate Nicholas Hales fifth, with 231.

Coming last in the seat was Barmy Brunch, the Monster Raving Loony Party candidate, with 211 votes. He stood on a platform of bringing in a statutory brunch hour but also doing more on mental health, wearing a striking balaclava patterned with baked beans and breakfast foods. 

Mr Norris’s win was part of a big win nationally for Labour, with the Liberal Democrats also taking a record number of seats, particularly in the West Country.

In seats neighbouring Hanham and Longwell Green, the Lib Dems’ Wera Hobhouse retained Bath while Damien Egan, who won the former and now abolished Kingswood constituency for Labour in a by-election in February, was elected MP for the new Bristol North East seat. 


Dan Norris (Labour) 20,739 (40.57%)

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg (Conservative) 15,420 (30.16%)

Paul MacDonnell (Reform) 7,424 (14.52%)

Dine Romero (Liberal Democrat) 3,878 (7.59%)

Edmund Cannon (Green) 3,222 (6.30%)

Nicholas Hales (Independent) 231 (0.45%)

Barmy Brunch (Monster Raving Loony Party) 211 (0.41%)

Caption: The results are announced for North East Somerset and Hanham