Club’s ready for take-off

A CLUB for model aircraft enthusiasts is hoping to spread its wings.

Landit Radio Control, which promotes modelling, maintenance and flying of radio controlled aircraft, was founded by Mark Holmes and Ricky West in 2014.

They wanted to bring together people with a shared interest to pool their knowledge and enjoy indoor flying.

Now the club, which meets fortnightly, has members aged between 10 and 80. It has evolved over time and includes people who are mastering the latest technology such as drones, which can range from the size of a cup coaster to machines capable of lifting over a kilo in weight.

Club secretary Ricky has written guides to help others understand the equipment they are using and get the best results. 

He said: “Flying models is great fun, it’s just one part of what the hobby is about. The maintenance and model programming is another and we have some talented members who are always on hand to help other members. It’s a brilliant atmosphere.”

Landit is not only for those with plenty of experience. Beginners are welcome and free tuition is always available.  Balanced teams are arranged for competitive events so that novices can improve their radio control skills. The club even has a computer flight simulator. It also arranges joint sessions with enthusiasts of radio controlled cars.

Landit is open to anyone aged 10 or above, or eight if accompanied by a parent. Anyone who wants to see what the club is all about is invited to attend up to three meetings free before the start of April, on February 3 or 17, March 3, 17 or 31.  Meetings are held on a Friday, fortnightly, from 7pm to 9pm at 37th Kingswood Scouts HQ, Deerhurst, Kingswood.