Fewer people in work

THE percentage of South Gloucestershire residents in work has fallen in the past decade, the Census has found.

Office for National Statistics figures show 62.2% of residents aged over 16 were “economically active and in employment”, including self-employed, on the day of the 2021 Census, down by 2.3% on the 2011 figure of 64.4%.

In Bristol the number of people in employment has gone up by 0.9% since 2011 but at 61.2% is lower than in South Glos.

A total of 2.5% of South Gloucestershire residents said they were economically active and unemployed, 3.6% in Bristol. In England and Wales, around 27.8 million over-16s were in employment (57.2% of the population), 1.7m were unemployed (3.4%) and 19.1m were economically inactive (39.4%), including people who were not looking for work or could not work because they were retired, students, looking after a home or family and long-term sick or disabled.

Other facts about South Gloucestershire and Bristol from the Census published by the Office for National Statistics include:

• 36.6% of South Glos residents own their homes outright, while 36.8% have a mortgage, other loan or shared ownership, 10.8% rent socially and 15.8% rent privately – in Bristol 25.2% own outright, 29.7%

have a mortgage, 18.7% rent socially and 26.4% rent privately.

• One in eight South Gloucestershire households (12.3%) have no car or van, while 40.1% have one vehicle, 34.1% have two and 13.4% have three or more. In Bristol more than a quarter of households (26.1%) have no car; 45.8% have one, 21.6% have two and 6.4% have three or more.

For more Census information visit www.ons.gov.uk/census.