Robbie sets his sights on music success

A student  from Hanham is hoping for success with his fourth single. 

Robbie Snowden, 22,  received a boost when his  ‘Don’t Tell Nobody was chosen as BBC Radio Bristol’s Track of the Week in January. 

Robbie describes it as “a summer vibe song about a secret relationship with electro-pop synths and funky guitars” and BBC Bristol’s John Darvall described it as “you know when they talk about wine, and they say ‘ooo I can smell strawberries and charcoal, and tastes of summer fruits’, this song sounds like summer, doesn’t it?!”

Robbie also had an interview with Adam Crowther in the BBC studio on January 20.

The artists who have inspired the aspiring musician  include Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber.

Robbie started music as a child and said that his dad, who plays the guitar and piano, was “adamant” about him following in his footsteps and signed him up for guitar lessons at his primary school and also joined the local choir outside of school.

Robbie said: “I never studied music, it was always something I enjoyed doing on the side. 

“I then tried writing my own lyrics at around 15 years old, I still enjoy it as much as I did then and it’s actually quite therapeutic – I find my best ones pop into my head at night when the world is quiet and I’ve got my headphones on, so I definitely consider myself a night owl.”

This year Robbie hopes to perform live and get signed.

He added: “Aside from the stacks of lyrics and voice recordings in my notes, I think what spurred me on to record was around 16 and 17 I started going to festivals, and nights out where you see how cool live music can be and how much energy there is.”

His next track is a rock-pop tune coming out next month called Rebounding.

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