Success as bins are removed from streets

BRISTOL has become a more pleasant place after a major drive succeeded in removing 450 commercial waste bins from streets.

The council launched a project after the easing of lockdown to persuade restaurants, shops, bars and other businesses to keep bins on their own premises to stop “clutter” on pavements.

Councillors heard how officers spent months trying to persuade reluctant firms to change their ways – some of whom “shouted and screamed” in protest.

Those who still refused had their bins seized and taken to a yard, and their commercial waste contractors were charged fees to reclaim them.

Neighbourhood enforcement and street scene manager Kurt James said their efforts paid off, beginning with the Old City followed by the rest of the city centre including Broadmead, Redcliffe and Temple areas, and Stapleton Road/Old Market.

He told Bristol City Council’s communities scrutiny commission meeting that officers were now looking at the best way to expand the scheme, with Church Road among the areas expected to be next.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes – we have been trying to do this for years,” Mr James said.

He said the areas felt less cluttered, there was less opportunity for fly-tipping, streets were easier to cleanse and people had a lot more space to move around.