June 2023: Fry’s Bowling Club

Historic first ladies match ends in victory

A busy start to season for Frys Bowling Club, was highlighted with a historic day on Tuesday 2nd May as the club had their first ever ladies match hosting Victoria Park. With 3 triples rinks, the day would be a successful one for Frys with all three rinks taking a win with Frys the overall winners 58-39. With further games to come later in the season, it’s a promising start for Frys Bowling Club Ladies team. Scores: Rink 1: 19-15; Rink 2: 19-12; Rink 3: 19-12; Frys 58-39 Victoria Park.

Bristol and District League:

Frys began their Division 2 campaign with a matchup against Redland Green. Rainy conditions were less than ideal for the home team as Redland Green took the lead past halfway. Rinks 2 and 3 were unable to pull back the deficit, leading Redland Green to a comfortable win. Rink 1 was a closer match, with Redland Green just edging ahead in the closing stages and with Frys just missing out on the final bowl with Redland Green taking all 10 points.

The following week Frys suffered a challenging night in their trip to Knowle ‘A’. Frys took a while to settle into the game with Knowle taking a good lead early on. Rinks 1 and 3 were able to pull themselves back into the game, with rink 1 taking a small lead before Knowle closed the gap again. Rink 3 just missed out on the final bowl, but with rink 1 just about saving a count on the final end to tie the rink giving Frys the first point of season from the 50-34 loss.

The third game against Henleaze ‘A’ was more successful as rinks 1 and 2 dominated the game. A closer game on rink 3 saw Henleaze take a lead past the halfway point, but Fry’s hung on, just missing out on the final bowl. That miss saw Fry’s settle for 8 points from the 51-34 win. After 3 games, Fry’s currently sit 8th in the nine team division.


27th April: Fry’s 31-48 Redland Green; Rink 1: 8-13, Rink 2: 9-16; Rink 3: 14-19; (0-10)

4th May: Fry’s 34-50 Knowle ‘A’; Rink 1: 14-14; Rink 2: 7-20; Rink 3: 13-16; (1-9)

11th May: Frys 51-34 Henleaze ‘A’; Rink 1: 19-11; Rink 2: 19-6; Rink 3: 13-17; (8-2)

Friday Triples League:

Fry’s re-entered the Friday Triples League after more than a decade out. After a delayed start to the season, the first game in rain against Keynsham was one to forget, with Keynsham dominating, ending any hope of points Fry’s had in the closing ends.

A rearranged game against Knowle saw Frys pick up their first win. 2 rinks were able to pick up wins which saw Frys take the game 59-42 with 12 points.

Frys continued that momentum in the third game, hosting Imperial. A strong performance saw big wins on 2 rinks, and with rink 3 also picking up a win, Fry’s took a maximum 12 points from the 78-31 win.

Things would get better the following week at Victoria Park as Fry’s picked another victory. One rink won by 16 shots seeing Frys to comfortable win. The other 2 rinks were much closer, with the honours shared as both clubs would win rinks by 2 shots, seeing Fry’s take 10 points.

A trip to Bristol Greenbank was next and it would be another successful trip, but would be much closer. Both clubs had a rink with a big win. With the score offset, the third rink would prove key. It would be Fry’s taking the third rink seeing Fry’s win 53-46 and another 10 points gained.

A home game against Bristol rounded off a strong start to the season. Another dominant performance saw Fry’s take a 71-33 win, with all 3 rinks winning giving Fry’s 12 points to see them sit second in the table, 5 points off the lead.


21st April: Fry’s 32-74 Keynsham; Rink 1: 14-24; Rink 2: 10-19; Rink 3: 8-31; (0-12)

25th April: Fry’s 59-42 Knowle; Rink 1 22-12; Rink 2: 16-17; Rink 3: 21-13; (10-2)

28th April: Fry’s 78-31 Imperial; Rink 1: 25-6; Rink 2: 20-13; Rink 3: 33-12; (12-0)

5th May: Fry’s 53-37 Victoria Park (Bristol); Rink 1: 24-8; Rink 2: 13-15; Rink 3: 16-14; (10-2)

12th May: Fry’s 53-46 Bristol Greenbank; Rink 1: 21-14; Rink 2: 24-7; Rink 3: 8-25; (10-2)

19th May: Fry’s 71-33 Bristol; Rink 1: 30-10; Rink 2: 23-12; Rink 3: 18-11; (12-0)