Friday Triples Cup Final:

The final of the Triples League Cup saw Fry’s take on league winners St Anne’s Park at Severn Vale. St Anne’s Park took an early lead and controlled the game from there. Fry’s were able to hold the deficit around the 11 shot mark, but St Anne’s would pull further away in the second half, eventually taking a well-deserved 60-39 win. 


Fry’s 39-60 St Anne’s Park; Rink 1: 12-19; Rink 2: 9-31; Rink 3: 18-10.

Friday Triples League:

A tough home game in the Triples League against leaders St Anne’s Park saw only 2 points for Fry’s. With 2 rinks struggling, St Anne’s always looked like taking the win. The third Fry’s rink could not do enough to overcome the deficit with St Anne’s taking a comfortable 63-47 win.

A rearranged game at Imperial saw a tight game decided by a single shot. Imperial took 2 rinks, but the third rink would be comfortable for Fry’s which was enough to overcome Imperial by a single shot. 

A trip to Severn Vale was the penultimate match of the Triples League season. The game would follow the previous week, with Fry’s giving up 2 rinks, but with Severn Vale only narrowly taking the rinks, Fry’s would have enough of lead on the third rink to take the match 51-46.

The final game of the Triples League season saw Page Park visit Somerdale. It would a disappointing finish for the home side. Despite 2 rinks winning, Page Park would take the third rink which would see Page Park take a 3 shot win. That brought an end to a successful first league campaign for Fry’s, winning 11 games with 142 points seeing Fry’s finish 5th in the table.


25th August: Fry’s 47-63 St Anne’s Park; Rink 1: 15-24; Rink 2: 14-26; Rink 3: 18-13; (2-10)

29th August: Fry’s 44-43 Imperial; Rink 1: 14-16; Rink 2: 23-8; Rink 3: 7-19; (8-4)

1st September: Fry’s 51-46 Severn Vale; Rink 1: 14-15, Rink 2: 13-18; Rink 3: 24-13; (8-4)

8th September: Fry’s 45-48 Page Park; Rink 1: 16-11; Rink 2: 11-26; Rink 3: 18-11; (4-8).

Bristol and District League:

The final game in the Bristol and District League season saw Fry’s host Victoria Park, with Fry’s trailing behind by 9 points in the table, with Victoria Park in 4th. The game saw a tight start with neither side taking an advantage. The game opened up after the halfway point, with rink 3 starting to pull away. Rink 2 also edged ahead helping Fry’s to a 51-39 win. Rink 1 went to Victoria Park which gave 2 points, which was enough to see them take 4th place by a single point from Fry’s. 


24th August: Fry’s 51-39 Victoria Park; Rink 1: 13-17; Rink 2: 17-12; Rink 3: 21-10; (8-2).