How your garden can help tackle climate crisis

PEOPLE in Longwell Green and Willsbridge are being urged to make their gardens more nature friendly.

The area has been chosen for South Gloucestershire’s  second Common Connections project.

The aim of the four-year scheme  is to help tackle the climate and nature emergency in which half of UK ancient woodland has been destroyed since the 1950s and between 2006 to 2012 over 1,000 hectares of wetland lost. 

The project launched two years ago, with a large-scale wildflower meadow planting event at Siston Common. In partnership with Made Forever @ Kingsmeadow, over 300 volunteers from the local community helped to plant 10,000 wildflower plug plants.

More than 300 tree whips have been planted across several local green spaces, with the help of volunteers from Kingswood Climate Action Group, Friends of Siston Common, town and parish councillors and other community members.

Now residents are being asked to play their part by signing up their gardens to the Community Nature Reserve.

A council spokesperson said: “Many people want to do something about the climate and nature crisis, but feel they can’t have any impact, or aren’t sure how to go about it. 

“The Community Nature Reserve is about coming together to share ideas and knowledge about how to make even the smallest space more wildlife-friendly. Imagine if a hedgehog could easily move from one garden to the next on your street, and there were enough trees, shrubs and sheltered spaces to home the native species who are struggling.”

To sign up, visit: 

You will receive a window sticker and be  given access to ideas and suggestions for ‘quick wins’ – cheap or free changes you can make that won’t take much time, but will have a big impact for local species. 

You can also join the ‘Willsbridge Community Nature Reserve’ group on Facebook for more ideas and volunteering opportunities in your area. 

Common Connections is funded by £125,000 from the council’s climate action plan budget along with £998,973 sourced from the West of England Combined Authority.