Club backs campaign on women’s safety

Kingswood Rugby Club has teamed up with South Gloucestershire Council in a campaign to stamp out violence against women and girls.

Male and female players feature in a series of social media videos, highlighting the different forms of abuse against women and girls and how people can safely intervene if they witness it.

Sharing advice from the government’s Enough campaign, the videos also explain how to report an incident to the police and how to use the StreetSafe website ( to report a place which feels unsafe.

Abuse of women and girls includes experiences and crimes such as serious violence, stalking, harassment, verbal abuse, and drink and drug spiking.

Interim service director for community safety at South Glos Council, Amie Copley, said: “Violence against women and girls is a priority set by our Safer and Stronger Communities Strategic Partnership and we are very pleased to be working with local clubs and organisations to raise awareness of this issue.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to tackle violence against women and girls, and this impactful campaign with Kingswood RFC highlights the many forms it can take. It also gives clear guidance of how people can intervene safely if needed.

“Of course, this campaign is just one piece of the bigger picture. We have a lot of work planned for the next year, including school workshops on toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes, and delivering bystander training at various pubs and bars in South Gloucestershire.”

Kingswood RFC chairman, Ian Starr, said: “Kingswood Rugby Club proudly stand with South Gloucestershire Council against all forms of violence against women and girls.

“Together we raise our voices, advocate for change, and strive for a community where every woman, of every age, feels safe and respected.

“The safety of women and girls is everybody’s business – and hopefully our videos can help to teach others how they can safely intervene if they witness abuse or harassment.”