Fry’s play host to The Unstoppables

Following last season’s successful visit of The Unstoppables learning disabilities group, Fry’s hosted them again on Tuesday May 14. The group were split into 5 rinks, with each rink playing a match against another team and a prize on offer for the highest scoring team. With assistance provided by club members, the group soon got the hang of things. Following the games, two spiders were held with participants standing in a circle and bowling simultaneously towards a spider; nearest bowl is the winner. Winning the honours this year were Becky, for the second year in a row, and Dan, who picked up the prize in the second spider. Hot dogs and cake were available in the clubhouse, courtesy of club members and other community members.

Bristol and District League:
The opening night of the Bristol and District League Division 2 season saw Fry’s make the long trip out to newly promoted Olveston Kestrels. The night saw Olveston take the early advantage with rink 2 opening out a lead over the visitors. Fry’s countered on rink 3, however, dropping two 4’s in the early ends on rink 1 did Fry’s no favours. Olveston held a good lead at the halfway stage despite Fry’s efforts on rink 1 and rink 2 pulling shots back, it would be Olveston seeing out the game. The drama wasn’t over, as rink 1 battled over the rink points. Neither skip was able to get the winning shot, ensuring the points were shared with Fry’s taking home 3 points from the 48-54 defeat.

Following defeats without picking up a point at home to Henleaze ‘A’ and at Keynsham ‘A’, Fry’s looked to bounce back the following week. The heavy rain which fell at the green 45 minutes before Fry’s fourth Bristol and District Bowls League of season against Bristol St Andrews ‘A’ relented by game time. Rinks 1 and 2 got off to a fairly even start, but Fry’s would soon pull away, thanks to rink 3 steadily picking up shots in the early ends. Good shots from Fry’s skips on rink 1 and 2 saw Fry’s pick up 5’s on both rinks, with rink 1 backing that up with a 4 on the very next end as the game reached halfway. Fry’s would take a good lead into the second half of the game, but Bristol St Andrews would look to close the gap, with all rinks closing in on Fry’s. The deficit on rink 3 closed to a single shot with 2 ends left, but Fry’s finished the job with a single, followed by 4 shots on the final. Bristol St Andrews tied rink 2 heading into the final end, but again Fry’s completed the job with 3 shots handing Fry’s the match. Rink 1 had dealt in two’s on the final 8 ends, but it would be Fry’s maintaining their margin as Fry’s picked up all ten points from the 57-39 win. Fry’s sit 7th in the table.

25th April: Fry’s 48-54 Olveston Kestrels; Rink 1: Drew 18-18; Rink 2: Lost 12-27; Rink 3: 18-9; (3-7)
2nd May: Fry’s 36-58 Henleaze ‘A’; Rink 1: 14-24; Rink 2: 10-18; Rink 3: 12-16; (0-10)
9th May: Fry’s 37-60 Keynsham ‘A’; Rink 1: 8-20; Rink 2: 17-20; Rink 3: 12-20; (0-10)
16th May: Fry’s 57-39 Bristol St Andrews ‘A’; Rink 1: 23-14; Rink 2: 16-13; Rink 3: 18-12; (10-0).

Friday Triples League:
The opening month of the Friday Triples League proved to be a successful one with Fry’s picking up 3 wins from the opening 4 games picking up 34 points in the process. The good run came to an end last week during the visit to Begbrook Green. Two rinks proved to be close, with Fry’s narrowly missing out, but rink 1 was the difference maker in the game, with Begbrook taking the rink 26-10 and all 12 points in the 19 shot win. Fry’s returned home the following week welcoming local rivals Keynsham. A tight match went in Fry’s favour, with two rinks able to overcome the deficit on the third rink taking a 55-51 victory. Fry’s currently sit in 5th place after 6 games.

10th May: Fry’s 39-58 Begbrook Green; Rink 1: 10-26; Rink 2: 13-14; Rink 3: 16-18; (0-12)
17th May: Fry’s 55-51 Keynsham; Rink 1: 25-15; Rink 2: 19-11; Rink 3: 11-2